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Latest Articles

China Could Become Hybrid Superpower
When it comes to launching into full production for hybrid vehicles, China has a very distinct advantage over other countries: their car industry is young and not set in its ways. The American auto industry, in contrast, has been developed over the past six decades to build internal combustion vehicles that run on gasoline [...]

Hybrid Taxis Meet Resistance In Some U.S. Cities
City measures in both New York and Boston requiring that all taxi cabs go hybrid are meeting stiff resistance from cab companies. This past Friday, taxi companies filed a lawsuit against a measure requiring that all of the cabs in Boston (1,825 of them) go hybrid by 2015, and last year a similar measure in [...]

Tax Breaks Not Offered for All Hybrids
There are a variety of reasons to by a hybrid car. They are cleaner and better for the environment.

Arizona Considering Bill to Make Hybrids Noisier
The Arizona State Legislature is considering a bill that would require car makers to make hybrid cars louder. The motive behind the bill is to make the streets safe for the visually impaired, but critics of the law say that it is foolish to pass a bill requiring a vehicle to add noise to streets [...]

University of Vermont Receives Plug In Hybrids for Research Study
Current hybrid technology is evolving through research to include the plug in hybrids that environmental advocates hope will soon be the standard for all hybrids. There have been some concerns about the performance of the new plug in hybrids and many places have been putting the cars though their paces. Once such place is the [...]

San Fransisco Mayor Urges Increased Hybrid Production
San Fransisco May Gavin Newsom is continuing in his quest to make the city one of the most environmentally friendly in the United States. He asked asked Bay Are city leaders to to join him in encourage car manufacturers to manufacture plug in hybrids in greater numbers. Mayor Newsom held a press conference in an auto [...]

Hybrids Everywhere
The biggest problem with the unpopularity of hybrid cars is the lack of education and knowledge that exists about them for the general public. We kid ourselves sometimes and say theyre popular, and yes, they are growing in popularity, but were not there yet. Part of the future of the hybrid car has to be [...]

The Politics of the Hybrid
Hybrid cars are a political issue. It would be easy to assume that we could just each make our own individual decision as to why and if a hybrid was for us and be on about our business. It would be nice if people were responsible enough to be buying more hybrids and thus increase [...]

North Carolina Invests in Hybrid Infrastructure
With the growing interest in environmental protection and rising gas prices, many more people are turning to hybrid vehicles to protect the earth, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and save money on gas. In an effort to serve people who have turned to hybrid cars, the State of North Carolina is teaming up with [...]

Hybrid Car Sharing Comes to St. Louis
With more people interested in the environmental and gas saving benefits of the hybrid vehicle industry, the rental car industry is jumping on the bandwagon. Customers in St. Louis will have the opportunity to try out the new hybrid rental program in one of the first in the nation programs. The Toyota Prius hybrid is one [...]